Meet at St john's GARDENS London SW1P 4DA

Settled status, Brits in the EU in limbo, the loss of Freedom of Movement for 65 million people, many of whom were not old enough to vote in 2016.

Where does it end? 


How many rights will they have to take away? 

How many lives will they have to ruin? 

How many families will they have to break before they are finished?

Join us to get our voices heard. Join us to let a message be heard that sends a shockwave down the corridors of power, we will not be silenced. We are not the minority. If the 5 million had been able to vote, leave would have lost by a landslide. 

Stand with us and #R4OR to send a message to those in power that we demand our rights.


The Rally 4 Our Rights (#R4OR) protest will take place on 12 October in central London. We will be meeting at St John's Gardens from there the rallly will disperse to three key locations:

- The Home Office

- 55 Tufton Street 

- Outside The European Parliament UK office on St John Smith Square

It will be a static protest at key strategic locations, not a march. 


It will be smaller, have a serious tone, and will be different to the usual march-crowd-speeches format. We encourage you to come with loud voices, banners, representing your nations, your companies and your families and friends. 

#R4OR will not try to replicate the other excellent and much bigger pro-Remain events, and it will be serious, peaceful and determined, and by those people who are not usually given a voice, but who have the most to lose from Brexit, and particularly No-Deal.

We understand the reasons for moving the People's Vote March for our friends at Great Ormond Street Hospital for their annual Fun Run. But also, we know people have made arrangements to come to London. 

The People's Vote March on October 19th, 2019 needs to be huge. Please go. 

But if you are going to be in London on the 12th of October - join our day of action to highlight the rights we'll lose post-Brexit. 

 Meet at St john's GARDENS London SW1P 4DA THEN:


European Parliament Offices St John Smith Square

Home Office 

Marsham Street 

55 Tufton Street 


Following the change in date of the People’s Vote march, social media became awash with messages from people who had already paid for their travel to London on the 12th October. 


In order to make sure that those people had not made the financial commitment in vain, we decided to make the most out of the situation and organise a rally for those who are unable to change their travel plans. 


So: Rally 4 Our Rights was born. 


Join us on the 12th at St Johns Garden, Westiminster at 2pm for a rally to demand the rights of people - all people - are defended.

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