For over 3 years a fundamental issue has received little or no attention: the loss of our rights.

Freedom of movement is not just a luxury for the elite, it's a right that millions have built their lives around. Many UK citizens rely on it to earn their living working across borders. Losing it will be devastating for millions, individually and companies.


3.7 million EU27 citizens living in the UK have been in an unnecessary limbo over their rights since 24.06.16. The latest blow to those who've paid taxes for years is that they may no longer be eligible for free health care via the NHS. We will be a country in which only those with enough money get treated when sick.


Non-EU migrants have been victims of the hostile environment for years. The Home Office have stated that the life in the UK test will be replaced with something more difficult. No more EEA family permits for non-EU families of European residents post Brexit. Non-EU spouses of British citizens will lose the Surinder Singh route to family reunion. 


The EU has protected, and will continue to protect LGBT rights. Without the EU, the right to same sex marriage and adoption by same sex couples could be lost. Families would suddenly lose their right to be a family.


These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Once these rights are removed, the struggle to regain them will be even harder.

So let's #R4OR at those in power that we demand our rights.


This event is being organised by Final Say For All


As a foundation, our focus is on the human impact of Brexit, #BrexitIsPersonal. We campaign to stop Brexit because that's the best way to protect the rights of #The5Million. The Foundation is committed to ensuring vote for life for ALL

UK citizens and voting rights for all EU citizens living in the UK who are directly affected by any change in the relationship between the UK and the EU. Ideally Article 50 will be revoked but should there be another referendum, we demand that it's a @FinalSayForAll




Voices for Europe is a human rights organization, founded in May 2015 to protect the rights of all EU citizens. This applies as much to the rights of EU27 citizens in the UK as the rights of British EU citizens, since we all stand to lose our freedom of movement and European voting rights. We are currently campaigning specifically for voting rights for transnational EU citizens, wherever they live.


We also campaign to protect the EU values of freedom, democracy, peace, decency and collaboration and have particularly focused on the emotional impact of Brexit, drawing attention to the often overlooked human and mental health issues that have been generated by the referendum. We have supported and/or collaborated in organizing all the big marches and we have done many press interviews and articles. 






We're Remainer Now - a group giving voice to those who voted Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum who have changed their minds and are now supporting a People's Vote on Brexit.​

We started on Twitter in December 2017.

Read Andy's story here

Now, we're a group of former Leave voters (and friends) who want to say 'it's ok to change your mind' and that 2016 was a LONG time ago. People know more, they are seeing more impacts on their lives, their livelihoods, and their children's futures.

The In Limbo Project is a grassroot initiative set up to record testimonies from the five million victims of Brexit as well as British people in the UK, and allow their voices to be heard. 

It has produced two books, In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU citizens in the UK and In Limbo Too: Brexit Testimonies from UK citizens in the EU.

The books have become the go-to reference documents to understand the harrowing human cost of Brexit. 








Farmers Against Brexit - @farmers4EU - is a campaign organisation representing the vast number of farmers, agricultural workers and professionals who oppose leaving the European Union. 

Brexit would cause untold harm to our agri-foods and farming sectors - a fact often overlooked in the Brexit debate or dismissed by those in power. 

Follow us at @farmers4EU



SODEM is a grass roots anti-Brexit campaign group established in 2017 by Steven Bray from Port Talbot in Wales.  Like many ordinary people who voted Remain, Bray felt ignored and unrepresented by Parliament since the Referendum so decided to take the anti-Brexit protest to the politicians' front door.  Since September 2017 he has protested outside Parliament sun, rain or snow as well as at the Party conferences. In this time SODEM has grown from a single person to being joined by many thousands of individual and anti-Brexit groups from across the UK and Europe.

Steve has made a name for himself as a citizen journalist interviewing MPs, MEPs and Cabinet Ministers on the hoof around Westminster.

Bremain in Spain is a grass-roots volunteer organisation that is campaigning to remain in the European Union, and to protect the rights and freedoms we associate with EU membership.


Most of our members live in Spain, but we welcome members from across Europe & the UK.


http://bremaininspain.com @bremaininspain


Remain in France Together (RIFT) was formed in June 2016 following the Brexit referendum. Its primary aim is to ensure that Brexit does not penalise those who made the decision to move across the Channel in good faith, relying on their EU freedom of movement rights, and to ensure that the voice of Britons living in France is heard in both UK and EU.


RIFT focuses on information, support and advocacy in the field of citizens’ rights. It is a core/founder member of the pan European advocacy and campaign group British in Europe.




Europeans United was formed by 3 members the RIFT administration team to promote participate in the People’s Vote ‘Let Us Be Heard’ march.


Our message is one of inclusivity and we welcome all those who think remaining in the EU is best for the UK. We are proud supporters of R4OR.



We at Brexpats - Hear Our Voice, campaign for the preservation of the rights of British nationals in the EU as well as support EU citizens in the UK.  We face different and difficult issues brought about by living in a prolonged state of limbo which was forced upon us as a result of the UK referendum of June 2016.


We place a high value on working together and supporting each other through these unprecedented and difficult times. 


Young European Voices 

The Young European Voices (YEV) group has been created by young passionate Europeans and Brits to raise awareness about the potential effects of Brexit on young people living both in the EU and the UK, in relation to their daily lives and their futures.



The British in Italy group was formed following the Brexit referendum by a small number of concerned British citizens living in Italy, to campaign to protect our existing rights as EU citizens and those of EU citizens resident in the UK.

We are members of British in Europe, the coalition of UK groups in Europe, which represents over 26,000 UK citizens living in the EU.


New Europeans is a civil rights organisation which champions freedom of movement, non-discrimination and the principle of solidarity in Europe. 


We began from the experience of mobile EU citizens who have found a home in another EU member state but often face unfair and unequal treatment despite their EU citizenship rights.

As Europeans we recognise our responsibilities to non-EU nationals, both those living within the territory of the EU and those who seek to come to Europe as migrants or as refugees.

We believe in a Europe of equality and diversity. This means a Europe without discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation and in which the gains from economic integration are distributed fairly.


Women 4 Europe is a new, cross-party group of activists working together to protect our rights and keep Britain in the EU. The United Kingdom belongs in the heart of Europe, and our hard-won fundamental rights and protection from discrimination are best assured by EU membership. We want the next generation to enjoy the opportunities we had, and to continue shaping the Europe that we helped to build. Abandoning our influential place in the EU means our children and grandchildren stand to inherit a lesser world.

Equality is a basic human right, and Brexit Britain threatens all of us. Brexit has unleashed a dangerous xenophobia which we vigorously oppose; and the poisonous hostility towards EU citizens and immigrants must end. As Millicent Fawcett said - "Courage calls to courage everywhere" -  and today we call on women across the UK to take a stand against the damage being done to their families and communities. We are merely the latest in a long line of women whose collaboration has changed the world. Inspired by this illustrious history, W4EU aims to connect and empower women to effect positive change however they can. Women throughout history have stepped up to the challenges of their times which is why our logo shows Rosie The Riveter. Brexit can and must be stopped.


Join us. Together WE CAN DO IT!



Following the change in date of the People’s Vote march, social media became awash with messages from people who had already paid for their travel to London on the 12th October. 


In order to make sure that those people had not made the financial commitment in vain, we decided to make the most out of the situation and organise a rally for those who are unable to change their travel plans. 


So: Rally 4 Our Rights was born. 


Join us on the 12th at St Johns Garden, Westiminster at 2pm for a rally to demand the rights of people - all people - are defended.

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